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APNSoft DataGrid provides you with full support for cross-browser context menu. You can use context menu for rows or column headers. Please right-click anywhere on the Grid to activate the context menu (the command Control key + Left mouse button is used for Opera).

You use the ContextMenuHeader.Template property to specify the template for column headers or ContextMenuRow.Template property to specify the template for rows. The property value is a raw XML string or path to the XML template file for context menu.

You can use multiple context menus and switch between them on the client side. This example displays alternate context menu for the 'BERGS' row. To use additional context menus do the following:
  • Add context menu on the server side by using the method AddContextMenu().
  • Set the property ClientSideOnContextMenuRow (or ClientSideOnContextMenuHeader for headers). This property specifies the name of the client-side function to be called before the context menu is displayed.
  • Create a client-side procedure as specified by the ClientSideOnContextMenuRow property. In this procedure you replace the default context menu with the additional one.

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