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Controls Suite 4.5

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Standards-Based Software
  • DataGrid output is XHTML 1.1 compliant.
  • Ready for ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5. Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 & 2012.
  • Based on industry standards: XML and CSS.

Easy-to-Use Software
  • Simplicity. No complex API.
  • Uses the default style and data to see the result immediately.
  • Compact Documentation.
  • C# and VB.NET examples included.

Cross-Browser Support
  • APNSoft DataGrid offers full up-level cross-browser support for IE 5.5+, Firefox 0.8+, Google Chrome 6.0+, Mozilla 1.4+, Netscape 7.0+, Opera 7.5+, and Safari 1.2+.

"Smart" component
  • Loads data on demand using AJAX.
  • High Processing Speed. Operates perfectly with tables, containing tens of thousands entries.
  • Automatically displays scrollbars.
  • Saves its state after PostBack.
  • Scrolls the list up to the selected entry.
  • Automatic column sizing (Best Fit).
  • Checks the state of data source and displays relevant data.
  • Client-side caching. Automatically checks loaded data in order to avoid extra requests.
  • Support for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Health Checking. Generates client-side messages which allow developers control the component status.

Highly Customizable Look
  • Colors, sizes, borders and fonts can all be customized to visually integrate with any project.
  • Support for Skins. Collection of free, ready-to-use DataGrid skins.
  • The visual appearance is specified with CSS.
  • Support for background images.
  • Alternating rows support.
  • CSS customization for rows and columns.
  • Support for transparency and shadows.

Rich featured
  • Resizable and Sortable columns.
  • Export to Excel, HTML and custom format (PDF, Images, etc.).
  • Context Menu for rows and headers.
  • Support for fixed (frozen) columns.
  • Support for fixed (summary) row.
  • Row Filter support.
  • Data formatting.
  • Support for columns with Line Numbers.
  • Support for hovered rows.
  • Column Ordering.
  • CheckBoxes, DropDowns, Images, Links, etc.
  • Flexible templates. Allows combining data from different fields, processing conditional formatting and creating calculated columns. Automatically identifies the type of applicable template (ASCX, XSL or HTML). Support for external parameters.
  • Support for custom editor. The form for editing entries can be configured independently.
  • Support for cell editing with tabbing through editable cells.
  • Click/Double-click row events.
  • Built-in paging support.
  • Customizable Toolbar. Support for custom buttons.
  • Absolute or static positioning.

Flexible Programming Options
  • Data binding support. DataGrid includes the DataSource property and the DataBind() method and supports different data sources: DataView, DataTable, DataSet, DataReader and any object that implements IEnumerable interface.
  • DataGrid items can be defined programmatically.
  • Internal AJAX engine. Support for user-defined asynchronous (AJAX) calls to the server.
  • Support for different running modes: CallBack and PostBack.
  • ASP.NET AJAX compatibility.
  • Additional support for row uniqueness.
  • Support for client-side and server-side events and methods.
  • ViewState maintenance.
  • Represents an obvious, easily understandable model - a set of columns and rows.

Other Features
  • Multiple component instances on a single page are allowed.
  • Support for Unicode characters. Universal Multilanguage support allows formatting and displaying data in several languages simultaneously.
  • Generated code is dramatically small.

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