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If you use the Free Trial License, you are not required to obtain a License Key. In this case, the APNSoft Controls Suite renders a demo warning at random intervals.

To enable full functionality and register your copy of APNSoft Controls Suite you have to purchase a non-free license and set a License Key. After purchasing, you will receive the file named APNSoft_License.xml with your License Key and instructions how to set it up.

Setting License Key

The APNSoft_License.xml itself is an .xml file that contains the following:

License Key for APNSoft product(s).

Registered to: Registration Name, Company

DataGrid (Time-Limited License, expires on: December 31, 2011)
Menu (Developer License, subscription expires on: December 06, 2012)
TreeView (Developer License, subscription expires on: December 06, 2012)

Copyright (C) APNSoft. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying prohibited!


To set the License Key, you must place the APNSoft_License.xml into the Bin directory of your web application. The main assembly file APNSoftControls.dll is also located in the Bin folder. That is all.


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