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APNSoft Controls Suite is offered as EXE installer and as ZIP file (the last versions can be downloaded from the APNSoft Downloads page).

To install product from ZIP file (manually), unpack it into the preferred folder on your machine.

To install product from EXE installer, run it and follow on-screen instructions during the installation process. Installer creates a set of files and directories in the destination folder. By default, the destination folder is:

C:\Program Files\APNSoft Controls [Product_Version] for ASP.NET [NET_Version]\

The [Product_Version] is the version of APNSoft Controls Suite.
The [NET_Version] is the version of .NET Framework.

The contents of destination folder:

Folder / FileDescription
BinContains the main assembly APNSoftControls.dll.
ExampleApplication.CSContains Visual Studio solution with C# demos.
ExampleApplication.VBContains Visual Studio solution with VB.NET demos.
SkinsContains the collection of ready-to-use skins.
Documentation.chmThe documentation file.
LicenseAgreement.rtfThe End-User License Agreement for the product.

After the installation procedure is completed you can open the window with Reference Book, Code Samples, etc. by this shortcut:

Start Menu -> Programs -> APNSoft Controls [Product_Version] for ASP.NET [NET_Version]


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