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ASP.NET ComboBox
The professional replacement for the classic ASP.NET DropDownList component.

ASP.NET DataGrid
The server control to display data in a tabular format with options of choice, sorting and editing entries.

ASP.NET Include
The server control to include a HTML files into your ASP.NET pages as Server Side Includes (SSI).

The server control to display both statically and dynamically created menus on your Web pages.

ASP.NET Rating
The server control to easily provide feedback on an article, blog item, product description, etc.

ASP.NET TreeView
The ASP.NET server control to display hierarchical data in a tree structure.

May 16, 2012   What is a professional website menu?
This article describes the basic characteristics the professional web menus should have. You will also learn about common menu drawbacks. This article will be useful for web developers and site owners who want to have a professional menu on their websites. I hope that our professional recommendations will help to create sites which will not irritate visitors but encourage successful websites...

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