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In the client-side procedure GetBookDetails() we perform an AJAX request by calling the dg.CallTheServer() method. In the server-side procedure myDataGrid_CallTheServer() we get book details and set the Parameter which is passed from the server to the client-side procedure ReturnBookDetails(). This procedure is used to render details on the page.

APNSoft DataGrid includes AJAX processing module, which allows developer to launch custom asynchronous calls. To launch and process a custom AJAX call, we use three steps:
  1. Call the server from the client-side by launching the dg.CallTheServer() method. This method is a part of Grid's API.
  2. Process the data on the server side by using the event-handling method for the CallTheServer event.
  3. Receive the data from the server and process them on the client side by code assigned by the ClientSideAfterCallBack property.

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