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XML template for APNSoft DataGrid.
Version: ContextMenu for Rows 1.1
Created: 01/05/2008
Updated: 04/26/2011
Copyright (C) APNSoft. All rights reserved.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
You can distribute and modify it freely.

    <item id="ir1" title="Edit row '$RowID$'" onclick="alert('Edit row $RowID$.');" icon="ContextMenuEdit.gif" />
    <item id="ir2" title="Delete row '$RowID$'" onclick="alert('Delete row $RowID$.');" icon="ContextMenuDelete.gif" />
    <separator id="sr1" />
    <item id="ir3" title="Add new row" onclick="alert('Add new row.');" icon="ContextMenuNew.gif" />