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ASP.NET ComboBox
The professional replacement for the classic ASP.NET DropDownList component.

ASP.NET DataGrid
The server control to display data in a tabular format with options of choice, sorting and editing entries.

ASP.NET Include
The server control to include a HTML files into your ASP.NET pages as Server Side Includes (SSI).

The server control to display both statically and dynamically created menus on your Web pages.

ASP.NET Rating
The server control to easily provide feedback on an article, blog item, product description, etc.

ASP.NET TreeView
The ASP.NET server control to display hierarchical data in a tree structure.

How can I create the ComboBox dynamically on my ASPX page?

You can programmatically control any ComboBox Item at runtime to easily create/manage ComboBoxes on the fly. Create empty XML Document, set the DataSource property and call the DataBind() method.

myComboBox.DataSource = new XmlDocument();

APNSoft ComboBox provides an extremely rich and powerful server-side API allowing developer to add, remove or edit elements and element collections by using the ComboBoxElement and ComboBoxElementCollection classes.

The Live Demo with code samples is available.

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