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XML Structure for APNSoft Menu.
Version: ServerSelection 4.3
Created: 03/29/2011
Updated: 10/08/2011
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    <item id="i1" title="Home" />
    <item id="i2" title="About Us (No PostBack)" AutoPostBackOnItemClick="False">
        <item id="i2_1" title="Awards" />
        <item id="i2_2" title="Certificates" />
        <item id="i2_3" title="Contact Us" />
        <separator id="s2_3" />
        <item id="i2_4" title="Financial Highlights" />
        <item id="i2_5" title="History" />
        <item id="i2_6" title="Photo Gallery" />
    <separator id="s2" />
    <item id="i3" title="Products">
        <item id="i3_1" title="Software" />
        <item id="i3_2" title="Hardware" />
    <item id="i4" title="Solutions">
        <item id="i4_1" title="Banking" />
        <item id="i4_2" title="Chemistry" />
        <item id="i4_3" title="Engineering" />
    <item id="i5" title="Support">
        <item id="i5_1" title="FAQs" />
        <item id="i5_2" title="Firmware Upgrades" />
        <item id="i5_3" title="Product Manuals" />
    <separator id="s5" />
    <item id="i6" title="Site Map" />