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XML Structure for APNSoft Menu.
Version: HTMLTags 4.2
Created: 11/12/2010
Updated: 04/13/2011
Copyright (C) APNSoft. All rights reserved.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
You can distribute and modify it freely.

    <item title="Text formatting:">
        <item title="
            [b]Bold text[/b][br]
            [i]Italic text[/i][br]
            [u]Underline text[/u][br]
            [font color='Green']Green text[/font][br]
            [H1]H1 text[/H1][br]
            [H2]H2 text[/H2][br]
            [H3]H3 text[/H2]
    <item title="Tables and images:">
        <item title="Item with image [img src='~/Images/New.gif' border=0 width=29 height=15 hspace=2 vspace=0 align=absmiddle]" />
        <item title="
            [table border=1 width=110]
            [td bgcolor=red]1[/td]
            [td bgcolor=blue]2[/td]
            [td bgcolor=green]3[/td]
            [td bgcolor=yellow]4[/td]
    <item title="HTML controls:">
        <item title="
            Radio button:&amp;nbsp;
            [input type=radio name=rb value='' checked]
            [input type=radio name=rb value=''][br]
            Check Box:&amp;nbsp;
            [input type=checkbox name=cb value=''][br]
            Input Box:&amp;nbsp;
            [input type=text name=tb value=''][br][br]
            Submit button:&amp;nbsp;
            [input type=submit name=sb value='[[Submit]]']