<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

XML template for APNSoft DataGrid.
Version: BottomBar-NoInsert-RowFilter 1.2
Created: 12/09/2008
Updated: 06/23/2011
Copyright (C) APNSoft. All rights reserved.

Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
You can distribute and modify it freely.

    <Spacer Width="5" />
    <Button Action="PageFirst" Title="First Page" />
    <Button Action="PagePrev" Title="Previous Page" />
    <Button Action="PageNext" Title="Next Page" />
    <Button Action="PageLast" Title="Last Page" />
    <!--Button Action="RowNew" Title="New Row" /-->
    <Spacer Width="5" />
    <Separator />

    <Button Action="RowFilter" 
        TitleNoFilter="There is no current filter." 
        TitleFilterON="Filter is switched ON. Click to switch OFF the filter." 
        TitleFilterOFF="Filter is switched OFF. Click to switch ON the last saved filter." 
    <Separator />
    <Info Data="Pages" Title="Pages">Page <b>$PageNumber$</b> of <b>$PagesInTotal$</b>.</Info>
    <Separator />
    <Info Data="Rows" Title="Rows">Rows <b>$ItemFirst$</b> to <b>$ItemLast$</b> of <b>$ItemsInTotal$</b>.</Info>
    <StatusBar Title="Status Bar" />
    <Spacer Width="1" />